Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

Wow, already day two of the new year...I think this year is going to fly jut as fast as last year. Today was a really great day too. I was able to share the day with my hubby, the weather was still chilly (25 degrees); but, the sun was shining for a good portion of the day.

We have had a very light/mild winter for Spokane...really no snow on the ground...we had a couple inches here and there but, nothing really stuck and there wasn't a need for snow plows or our snow blower.

This photo was taken while walking around Mirabeu Park in the early afternoon. We haven't been out there in awhile and it was nice to see it when no one else was really around. Typically it is crowded during the spring and summer.

Later in the afternoon we took our "girls" for a walk to a local park we didn't know existed. There is a great bike trail and we are considering riding that tomorrow - weather permitting.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Well, I'm going to try this again! :) I sincerely thought about Project 52 but, I'm an over achiever so let's see if 2012 is the year that I do this! I'm not going to get myself all hyped up and believe that every shot I take will be with my Nikon...some will and some won' big deal...this is about taking a photo each day of my life within the year of 2012. NO PRESSURE! :)

So journey with me through 365 days in the life of Heather...thanks for coming along and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!

The weather today was better than most have been lately - while it was still very cold, there was actually some sun to soak up. So, we decided to go for a drive. I wanted to capture a photo of the buffalo located in the valley. They are beautiful animals and it pains me that they are in captivity but, what can I do...bear witness to their brilliance. However, they were bedded, I didn't want to disturb them. In the same area I witnessed some lovely sheep grazing in a meadow so, I thought I would take photos of them herded together enjoying a morning meal.

It was really cute, when I got out of the car and headed across the street to the fence enclosing their pasture they all looked up at me. One brave little sheep headed in my direction to check me out. She sniffed my outreached hand, let me pet her, and she began to graze again...the others followed her lead. Soon they were all right next to me sniffing, trying to nibble on my fingers, allowing me to pet their heads, and then back to matters at hand...breakfast.

Later after walking our pups we decided to head down to a local park which features a walk/running/biking path through a wooded area. There were a lot of people out today despite the cold...I'm sure they were happy to see the sun as well. Along the walk there were several frozen over puddles on the way, I found them to be very interesting...the way the light reflected off the ice, the items frozen in the ice, the way the ice had cracked from someone or something stepping on it. I took a lot of photos of the ice puddles. It was growing dark and we needed to be out of the park by dusk so we made our way out...